Macmurray wrote 15 books. In addition to this he published some 200 other writings – essays, articles, pamphlets, chapters in books etc

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Date published Comments
Adventure (Chapters 2 and 5) 1928 Macmurray contributed two chapters to this volume of published papers on Science and Religion.
Ye Are My Friends (Address) 1929 Originally given as an address to the Student Christian Movement and published with “To Save From Fear” in 1979.
Freedom in the Modern World 1932 Based on Transcripts of BBC Radio lectures. He uses simple language to express complex ideas.
Interpreting the Universe 1933 Sets the foundation for his thinking. This book, along with the Gifford Lectures, are good books to read to get a grasp of Macmurray’s philosophical argument.
The Philosophy of Communism 1933 Macmurray was one of the first to read Marx’s early manuscripts.
Creative Society: A study of the Relation of Christianity to Communism 1935 In this book along with ‘The Clue to History’, Macmurray explores his view of the nature of history.
Reason and Emotion 1935 Collected essays – perhaps the most widely read of Macmurray’s books. Many people find this book thought provoking
The Structure of Religious Experience 1936
The Clue to History 1938
The Boundaries of Science: A Study in the Philosophy of Psychology: 1939
Challenge to the Churches: Religion and Democracy 1941
Constructive Democracy 1943
Idealism Against Religion (Lecture) 1944 The Essex Hall Lecture for 1944.
The Conditions of Freedom 1949
Self As Agent 1957 First volume of his 1953-4 Gifford Lectures
Persons in Relation 1961 Second volume of his 1953-4 Gifford Lectures
Religion,Art and Science 1961
To Save From Fear (Broadcast Talks) 1964 Broadcast by the BBC for Lent 1964 and published with “Ye Are My Friends” in 1979.
Search for Reality in Religion 1965 The Swarthmore Lectures 1965 delivered to a Quaker audience. Easy to read and also ‘broad brush’ in approach.  Has a biographical element.
The Philosophy of Jesus (Pamphlet) 1973 Originally given as a lecture to the Edinburgh Theological Club in 1972.