Our Aims:

  • to make more widely known the writings and philosophy of John Macmurray
  • to bring together for study and discussion those interested in Macmurray’s life and work

What we do:

We organise conferences, meetings, and produce a regular newsletter.

We believe, with Macmurray, that philosophy is concerned not only with reflective interpretation, but also with the living of life in its wholeness. We encourage both the theoretical exploration of his philosophy as well as how his thought might be applied to the practical problems which face us. Members of the Fellowship include people from all walks of life and from fields of work as varied as professional philosophy, education, psychotherapy, politics and business.

Joining the John Macmurray Fellowship

The John Macmurray Fellowship is a registered charity. We would value your support for our work. By joining you receive a newsletter twice a year and get advanced notice of conferences and other events.

Current projects include:

  • developing the website,
  • creating an education pack,
  • developing JMF email discussion group,
  • developing more news media links

The full cost of membership is £10 a year. £5 for students/ concs/low income. We welcome donations.
You can Donate from here using Paypal.


A beginner’s guide to Macmurray in a philosophical context, by Paul Gee