Seminar 2022

Identities and Relationships:
Macmurray Amongst the Culture Wars

Can Macmurray’s analysis of the nature of community and society, with emphasis on action, provide any insight into the current debate across much of Western society, usually framed as ‘culture wars’? Macmurray’s work in sociology, psychology, religion and morality may well provide much useful insight, even though such issues were not pertinent during his lifetime.

“[W]e must bear our own identities’, but in a community, if ‘hostility … take[s] the place of fellowship, … the unity [will] be broken’, and ‘[t]his will happen if personal relations become negatively motivated, if fear of the others replaces love for the others’. ‘Thus the problem of community is the problem of overcoming fear and subordinating the negative to the positive in the motivation of persons in relation.” (Persons In Relation, 1961 [1991], p.142, 161)

Saturday November 5th 10am-4pm UK GMT (UTC+1)
In Sheffield, UK and online using Zoom – Registration details soon.